Alternative to Cisco VPN Client for Windows 7 64-bit

A few months back I posted a blog entry about a VPN client for Vista 64-bit. My problem was that Cisco did not offer a VPN client and I needed one. I came across the NCP Secure Entry Client which I have been using since that time with great success. Actually that is one of the most visited blog posts. I must say that the company does an amazing job at supporting the tool, although I had minimal issues with it in the beginning anyway. I have to point out one instance where Someone posted a question on my blog regarding the tool, and it was not something that I could answer. So I contacted support and mentioned the question and they took time to answer the question on my blog. Now that is support!

Recently I decided to give the Windows 7 Beta a try and I have been pleased to say the least. As I was walking through my list of applications to install, I came across the NCP Client. Not thinking clearly, it was like 3 a.m., I attempted to install the Vista 64-bit version. Windows 7 made me try a few times, but it finally was installed, but I was unable to import my connection settings (.pcf file). I decided I would hold off on any panic until I visited the website to see if maybe there was a more recent version or a forum post answered my dilemma. To my surprise the NCP Secure Entry Client has a Windows 7 beta version as well. Now how many companies out there are offering a beta product for a beta operating system? That was a rhetorical question.

I held off on posting anything this time around until I had plenty of time to see if I encountered issues. Having gone through pain trying to get the Vista version installed I was concerned about the installation process. Well, it worked the first try without any hand holding which was nice. Then I figured I might encounter the problem importing my .pcf file again. Nope! It worked without a hitch. So I have been using the new version for around 3 weeks now and it has performed perfectly. So if you are looking for a VPN Client for Windows 7 64-bit, the NCP Secure Entry Client is again a very good option.