Anvil Systems

Anvil Systems

Strategic Technology Consulting

Not all businesses need a full time technology executive (CIO/CTO), but when critical technology decisions need to be made, do you wish you had someone to provide guidance and support?  Let me know if you need someone with experience from various platforms and technologies along with strong research capabilities to provide you real world expertise and guidance.

Development Process Optimization

Looking to make your team more productive or trying to understand where the gaps are in your process?  Ever considered having someone join your team to evaluate both development processes and high level skills of your team members.  From there the next steps are to engage through coaching, implementing proven practices, and optimizing team processes.

Solution Delivery

Whether you are looking for a minimum viable product (MVP) or a fully scalable enterprise solution, sometimes you someone experienced in crafting best-of-breed solutions, to solve the most complicated problems.  Working with you from concept to completion, keeping you involved every step of the way with demonstrations of capabilities and design.

Legacy Modernization

The adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” may be popular, but is it not always the right answer.  Solutions that are not properly maintained can increase cost and introduce risk to your business.  Need someone to evaluate your existing legacy application and migrate to a new foundation that will establish a long term path for success? Get in touch.