A New & FREE .NET Decompiler

Today I was pleasantly surprised to learn about a new .NET decompiler that is currently in Beta release. It is called JustDecompile and developed by Telerik as a stand alone decompiler application. The best part is that JustDecompile is offered for free which is a great opportunity for those who are not able or willing to purchase Reflector once the free version stops working after May 30, 2011.

Since this is a BETA product it might not meet everyone’s needs yet. For example, it currently decompiles to C# (nothing wrong there), so if you are VB.NET developer or like viewing another language you will have to wait. The current plan seems to be regular automatic updates throughout the BETA period and a planned 3 major releases once the product is ready for prime time.
Reflector has served me well and my hope is that a well backed competitor in this area can only make both tools better. I will definitely be giving JustDecompile a few looks and see how this tool is going to work out.

One thought on “A New & FREE .NET Decompiler

  1. Thanks. Great to see some alternatives like this an ILSpy.I’m going to give this one a go. So sad to see Redgate make such poor decisions around Reflector and the way they’ve handled it publicly


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