CodeStock 2009 is history, but not done yet


I spent this past weekend at the CodeStock 2009 conference in Knoxville, TN.  This is the second year for CodeStock and Michael Neel put together another excellent event.  I spent the majority of Friday in the Open Spaces discussing everything from blogs to refactoring code for legacy applications.  Saturday it was my turn as I presented “Getting Started with WPF”.  While WPF is not new anymore, I still find people who are just now looking at it for the first time.  Attendance at the session was surprisingly larger than I expected for a Saturday morning, but I am not complaining.  I am not a slide heavy speaker, so I will just make the sample project available.   

So above I took a snapshot of the front and back of the guide (shown above) and got a real kick out of the 2010 concept.  If you don’t understand, watch the movie 2010 and you will.  It is great to see that there is motivation to do CodeStock again.  I must admit, it can be addictive once you have had a couple of successful events.  I also had the honor of participating in a panel about community events which was fun.   


So I guess I need to get back to work on devLink since it is only about six weeks away.  Wow! Time flies.

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